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Roman TsibulevskiyProduct Developer/Start-up Founder/Patent attorneyPatnotate/Dentons

Roman Tsibulevskiy is a patent strategist and registered patent attorney focusing on utility and design patent matters that involve software/electronics, medical devices and industrial technologies. His patent practice includes patent analysis, domestic and international patent portfolio development, patent monetization (both sides), corporate transactions involving patents (both sides) and patent disputes (both sides). Roman has extensive experience in innovation harvesting, patent drafting/prosecution/portfolio management and strategy, patent clearance/landscape studies, patent opinions, patent due diligence in corporate transactions, patent monetization value/risk counseling, patent licensing, patent assertion activity, patent design-arounds and supporting patent litigation and adversarial patent office proceedings.

In the software/electronics field, Roman has worked on utility and design patent matters involving computing architecture, databases, cloud systems, virtualization, telecommunications/networking, search engines, compilers, image processing, robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, data analytics, radar, autonomous vehicles, encryption, blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, e-commerce, document analysis, electronic health records, satellites/GPS, beacons, mobile apps, keyboards, musical instruments, gaming, educational software, ATMs, wearables and graphical user interfaces.

In the medical devices field, Roman has worked on utility and design patent matters involving neuro-stimulation devices, gastrointestinal implantables, spinal implants, syringes, urological devices, skin patches, orthopedic devices, surgical devices, bone scaffolds, physical therapy devices, endoscopic devices, suturing devices, medical cannabis devices, medicine dispensation devices, heart surgery techniques, gastrointestinal surgery techniques, cosmetic surgery techniques, speech therapy techniques and other methods of prevention, forecasting, diagnosis, amelioration, monitoring and treatment of medical conditions.

In the industrial technologies field, Roman has worked on utility and design patent matters involving construction equipment, HVAC equipment, plumbing equipment, electrical equipment, material separation, conveyors, wind turbines, printing presses, aircraft manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, jewelry manufacturing, cosmetic product manufacturing, consumer device manufacturing, cabling, defect identification, additive/subtractive manufacturing, 3D printing, paint/foam guns and outdoor signage.

Roman is trained in computer science, can read source code and is listed as an inventor on ten personal patents. He is passionate about science, technology and entrepreneurship, which fuel his personalized and strategic approach in helping his clients to achieve their business goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition to practicing law, Roman has presented patent talks at local bar associations, taught continuing legal education courses on patent matters and judged inventions at local business schools and elementary schools. He has been frequently cited in various technology publications, legal publications and media outlets. When he is not in the office, Roman is watching endless TED talks, tinkering with gadgets, cooking and spending quality time with his family.