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Welcome to the Biomedevice Boston Presentation Store. Here you can view and download conference presentations before, during, and after the event, as well as free content from the Center Stage. If you’re looking for a presentation from a specific session, go to that session, and if we have the presentation to share, you’ll see the file below the session description. If you are unable to find it here, it’s likely because the presenter has not provided permission for external use or has not yet shared their presentation with us. Please check back after the event for a more complete catalogue of available presentations.

Tyler MantelCo-Founder & PresidentThe Ventilator Project

Tyler Mantel is the President of The Ventilator Project. After obtaining degrees in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in 2013, Mantel headed to Louisiana where he spent two years as a field engineer inspecting offshore oil wells for Schlumberger, an oil and gas company. After moving to Tennessee Mantel took the role of Product Manager at Environmental Solutions Group, a holding company of Dover that manufactures garbage trucks. It was this role project managing environmental solutions along with Mantel's passion to create impactful change that spurred the creation of Watertower Robotics, a company currently locating the 20% loss in clean water around the world. When the pandemic hit the United States in 2020 Mantel placed his company on hold to make another impactful change and founded The Ventilator Project, a non-profit organization that builds low-cost ventilators to give the world access to affordable care during and beyond the crisis. "If you have the ability to benefit others in a time of need you have a moral obligation to act."